Taking training
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HotShot Logo
HotShot Logo
It locks onto a player and shadows
  • ...every move
  • ...every change in direction
  • ...every change in speed
Delivers a
game-like pass
with realistic backspin and velocity.
Multiple shooters
and programmed
works infinite spots on the floor.
Easy to use
Easy setup and takedown.
Light and easy to move.
with multiple speeds
off the dribble
off the catch
Full-speed Workouts
Features & Benefits:
  • Lifetime Warranty [PDFdownload warranty ]
  • Color Lok technology – locks onto a player and shadows every move including change in direction and speed.
  • Shot counter/display – includes makes, total shots, and percentage
  • All electronic controls
  • Pre-set distances
  • Electronic distance adjustment (competitors use manual adjustment)
  • Custom speed and distance settings
  • Remote control start/stop
  • Adjustable shot tempo
  • Pre-set drills for quick selection
  • Game like passes – with backspin
  • Adjustable backspin amount
  • Beeps and lights to alert player for passes
  • Easy to use lightweight net system
  • Storage dimensions: 28 ¼W x 54D x 78H
  • Weight: 375 lbs.
  • Pound per wheel: 47 lbs.
  • Balls per hour: 3600
  • Max shot distance: NBA 3 point
HotShot Logo
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